I solve my client’s frustrations by guiding them through, practical, powerful, and proven techniques, thereby taking them from making a living to making a life!

Kevin Cloney

Your personal

An Ameliorator is a person who facilitates the improvement of a condition,  organization, or person. 

Do you want to evolve from making a living to making a life?

To benefit through my custom designed processes “how to do better what others do well.” How to reduce stress; how to balance life and work, transitioning them from making a living to making a life! 

Kevin Cloney, The Balloon Guy

For decades I have been called “the balloon guy.” 

Now retired, from ballooning, I willingly share life changing examples that are memorable and informative to the benefit of my clients.  Each Encounter inspires the listener to Choose to Aspire!

Professional Development

Choose to aspire. Learning to do better what others do well is just the beginning of professional development.

Technology Integration

Do you struggle with technology? Need to learn how to be more effective? Want more results from your website?

Business Development

Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations.