Kevin Cloney

Kevin Cloney

Consultant, Mentor and Life Coach

Many times I’ve been called an “expert generalist” because of my extensive background in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. My past and present experiences  have provided me with expert skills and knowledge that can take my clients from making a living to making a life.

Teaching concepts like “rigid flexibility” and “intent versus reality.” my clients are “choosing to aspire.” 

Flexible enough to guide my clients as a consultant, mentor or life coach whichever they prefer they learn “to do better what others do well.”

As a commercial hot air balloon pilot with thousands of flights in an aircraft without steering or brakes I have acquired skills and knowledge that I convey to my clients. Fulfilling their desire to aspire!

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Yellow Pad Time

Capture your life as you live it

Yellow Pad time is for those who are too busy.

I learned by example from my Dad that the early mornings was a great time to “be still and learn.”

For as long as I can remember in the early morning my father would be sitting quietly in his easy chair yellow pad and a cup of coffees in hand.  There he listened and learned was was important- Peace, purpose and prosperity.

Yellow Pad Time is a  “brain start” for those who look for insight and direction but do not know where it can be found.

Visioning Now

Intent and reality are two different outcomes. Visioning Now is a great workbook to create moment toward your desired reality. 

Visioning Now’s heptagram slices your desires into smaller bites that allows you to create a plan (not canned) vision.