Visioning Now

Visioning Now - Strategies for creating your destiny. Using templates the reader and benefactor will learn about intent and reality as you continue your journey of life. Each of us has seven domains "roles" that complete us. When any of these are out of balance we bump down the road. By taking the time to stop and change the "tire" you can make your journey more enjoyable. If you have a vision and want clarity Visioning Now is you guide..

Yellow Pad Time

Yellow Pad Time is for those who are too busy. I learned by example from my Dad that the early mornings was a great time to "be still and learn." For as long as I can remember in the early morning my father would be sitting quietly in his easy chair yellow pad and a cup of coffees in hand.  There he listened and learned was was important- Peace, purpose and prosperity. Yellow Pad Time is a  "brain start" for those who look for insight and direction but do not know where to start.

Quill Reflections

This is the first in a series of insightful books designed to give you pause. Quill Reflections is a collection of observations from life and human behavior. It includes insightful aha's as my life unfolds as I live it and learn from my life choices. This first collection was journaled mostly over the last twenty years as I was a contract hot air balloon pilot, going through a divorce and starting over.  It is not a whoa is me but a "if you lose the lesson, don't lose the lesson. 

It's More than Hot Air

It's more than hot air is over 200 pages of life inspiring stories of hot air balloon related activities with life lessons attached to each story Over 2,000 hours as a hot air balloon pilot flying over 75 different balloon systems across the United States and Mexico is sure to provide hours of enjoyable reading ending with an aha.  This book will make you laugh, smile and wonder  what the inventors of hot air balloons where thinking as they designed an aircraft suspended by a nylon bag with a wicker basket hanging below and a propulsion system that throws a 20 foot flame into the nylon bag. Oh by the way there is no steering or braking system.

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